Battle of the Smart Robot Vacuums: Xiaomi Roborock S50 vs Alfawise V8S Pro

Vacuum cleaning is a back-breaking chore that many people do not like, especially if they have carpet floors. Vacuum cleaners tend to be cumbersome and heavy and the longer you use them, the more it is hard for your back. They also vary when it comes to which surfaces they can clean up, which can be tricky for households with mixed flooring.

While there are vacuum cleaning accessories that can reduce the need to bend to reach areas and clean all sorts of flooring, robot vacuum cleaners or roombas are giving vacuum cleaners a challenge. These vacuum cleaners only need to be setup, placed on the area you wish to clean, turn it on and it will do everything for you.

But, with the amount of robot vacuum cleaners in the market, picking one can be tricky. For this article, we will take a gander to two popular robot vacuum cleaners to see which one you should buy.

Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum

Price: $369.99- $499.99
Score: 5 out of 5

Want a robotic vacuum cleaner that both sweeps and mops the floor with ease? The Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum is your solution. It says it matches the features of Xiaomi’s Roomba and can even outdo it with some of its features.

Key features

  • 2-in-1 sweep and mop vacuum cleaner
  • Has laser distance sensors to allow the robot vacuum cleaner to scan its surroundings instantaneously and map its routes.
  • It has a three-dimensional vacuum cleaning system that ensures no debris and wastes are left after it passes through an area.
  • Can be controlled with an app
  • Comes with a 5200mAh Li-ion battery, which can clean the house for 2.5 hours straight.
  • Has a 2000Pa super suction power for a thorough clean
  • Can climb obstacles 2cm high and has 2mm rubber bumpers for added protection
  • Has 4 anti-drop stair sensors and 10mm laser edge sensors
  • Shuts off automatically once it is lifted off the floor
  • It also has an automatic self-recharging sensor



The Roborock S50 is a great alternative for the Roomba for those looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that is cheap yet powerful. It is made from sturdy material and does come equipped with great safety features that it does not bump into many things. It has a big vacuum capacity and comes with a HEPA filter to ensure that even the tiniest specks are cleaned out. It can clean any surface from hard floors to carpets and does systematically clean floors. The battery of this robot vacuum is also long lasting and it has a nifty self-charging feature which activates when the battery is below 20%.



However, there are a few drawbacks with the Roborock S50 that must be considered. Some report that it has problems cleaning corners because of the shape of its rotary side brush does not allow it to reach these areas. Some users may also complain about its bin being too small if they have a lot of mess to clean up. It is also a bit noisy when it cleans the floor. Wi-Fi connectivity is also a problem because there are times it disconnects automatically, especially if there is a weak Wi-Fi signal in the room. Some users also say that if this robot vacuum breaks, new users will need to pay for it because the maker does not offer a warranty.

Alfawise V8S PRO - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $250
Score: 4.5 out of 5

Want a robotic vacuum cleaner that supports Google Home or Amazon Alexa? If that is a yes, the Alfawise V8S PRO is the robot vacuum cleaner to get. It comes with a myriad of functions that helps it clean rooms efficiently.

Key features

  • 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Smart mopping can be controlled through the app (Smart Life) and supports Alexa or Google Home
  • Equipped with Epson gyroscope navigation, auto-path planning, intelligent omission repair and S-Shaped cleaning for perfect cleaning
  • Has an ARM chip that helps with operations and can remember room maps after one sweep.
  • Equipped with multiple infrared sensors, intelligent anti-drop, anti-collision, obstacle-crossing and winding features to clean safely.
  • Has a strong 1800Pa suction power and a V-shaped side brush to clean even corners.
  • Quiet operation possible due to noise reduction sponges installed in the machine.
  • Auto recharges when the battery hits 20%
  • Comes with a 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery, 350ml tank and a 600ml dust box



There are many features in the Alfawise V3S PRO that will surely surprise its users. Users comment that they love the modes this robot vacuum has. It has five modes: auto, spot, room, edge and recharge. It also cleans more space thanks to its large tank and it does clean corners without having to go through it for a second run. It is also very easy to connect to the Wi-Fi and sort its controls through the app. A few also commented that it does record what it cleaned on its database so users do not have to set it up when it is used again. Users also say that for the features it has, it is sold at an affordable price.



However, when it comes to its disadvantages, there are also some to consider. Present owners say it may have problems working on throw rugs, which can get stuck on the roller brushes. It is also not ideal for small or crowded spaces, which may entail having to move furniture before the vacuum can be used. A few people also commented that its wet cleaning mode is not very good. The app is also a hit-and-miss because it can reset the maps automatically or be unable to locate the right location of the vacuum. The remote control is also a hit-and-miss because there will be times that users need to be near it to control it better. The company also does not sell spare parts for this device.

Which one is best?

Both these robotic vacuum cleaners we reviewed have a lot of potential to be the best robot vacuum cleaner you can buy. However, you must take into account your requirements before you pick for one. For us, if you want a long-lasting robot vacuum cleaner that can clean for longer hours efficiently, you should go for the Roborock S50. But, if you want a robot vacuum cleaner that is silent, has a lot of cleaning modes and learns maps automatically, the Alfawise V8S Pro should be your choice.

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