Looking for a Job? Here Are The Top 5 Job Search Websites

For new graduates, people who want to change jobs or those looking for new opportunities, job search websites are their best friends. Back in the day, job ads or classifieds were found on newspapers but they are often limited in number. People had to go to the company they wish to work for and ask if they have an opening. Only a handful of colleges back in the day help their students find a job.

Today, job search websites can help people looking for a job find work. From office jobs, part-time jobs to online jobs, these sites can alert you when there are job openings. When they go to the site, they can specify what type of job they want, what qualifications they have and the salary they want to receive. No matter what industry you want to work for, there is a job opening available in these sites. They will even help you with your job application.

But, considering that these sites are very popular, there are now job search websites that only link people to other job sites. Others are not even up-to-date and feature jobs with no discerning details at all.

If you are looking for a job, these are the five job search websites you should check out.



Score: 4 of 5
Price: Free to Sign Up with Premium Available
Official website: www.linkedin.com

LinkedIn is considered the professional equivalent of Facebook because professionals and companies use it for networking. Users can add their company contacts and reach out to fellow professionals working in the same industry. Companies even keep official profiles and groups on the site so their employees can meet. The site also has a careers page for job seekers looking for jobs from reputed companies.



There are many benefits in using LinkedIn if you are looking for a job. First, even if you do not use LinkedIn Jobs to find a job, employers will still find you. Once you sign up, you will be asked to fill in your profile which doubles as your LinkedIn resume. Your resume can then be searched depending on your industry through LinkedIn search. Employers can even send you a message through InMail to offer you a position. If you do use the LinkedIn Jobs feature, you can adjust the search filters. When you select a job, it will detail what you need to know and how you can apply. It will redirect you to the job ad if you click “Apply Now.” If you are using Premium membership, LinkedIn will even tell you how many have applied to the same job and how are your chances in getting it.



However, there are some drawbacks in using LinkedIn as your job search website. First, it can be quite tricky to setup your LinkedIn profile. There are a lot of sections in it that you may not be familiar with when making your resume. If you finish your profile, it must be at least listed as Intermediate or All-Star in strength to get the right people to notice your page. Content overload is another problem with LinkedIn because it will be hard to sift through all the job ads and content posted on the site. If you found a job that you like, you may end up in a job ad that is similar but not the one you are looking for. Job listings are also not up-to-date because when you sift through the results, jobs posted months ago will be included to those recently posted. Some job ads will even redirect you to job ads that have been filled already. You may also find tough competition in this site because professionals are mostly the ones using this site.



Score: 4 of 5
Price: Free
Official website: www.glassdoor.com

Established in 2007, Glassdoor is a unique job search website that lists down millions of job ads and provide users data about the companies offering these jobs. Data such as the workplace, salary, and reviews from current and present employees are available. Additional resources are also available through the site to guide jobseekers. 



There are many reasons why Glassdoor is one of the best job search websites in the world. One of the selling points of Glassdoor is the fact you can review the employers that you are likely to work for. The site allows employees and job seekers to rate the companies anonymously, which can help applicants check how well it treats workers. Glassdoor salaries also give potential workers ideas on how much salary they can expect with the company. Job seekers will also love this website because it has millions of job listings available and it is regularly updated. No matter what industry you want to work on, they have a job listing here. It will even help you pick the right Glassdoor jobs near you. The site even has a special blog section where applicants can read tips on how to improve their job search and get the career they want. 



Unfortunately, new users who are looking for a job through Glassdoor may find the site very confusing to use. It does not have an advanced search option, which will help you narrow down the job listings to the right one you need. When you do find a job opening, it will redirect you to the employer’s page unlike other job search websites which will let you apply directly. If you find problems, the site does not have a phone or live chat support. They do have a FAQ section, which you can use as a guide.



Score: 3.5 of 5
Price: Free
Official website: www.indeed.com

If you are looking for a job search website that is simple, Indeed is the site to visit. This site collects data from thousands of websites and create a job search result covering all available job offers. It also allows job seekers to apply directly on the site for free. It even comes with free job alerts sent to your email and a salary calculator. It also offers a browser plugin so users can find jobs without going directly to the site. 



When it comes to finding a job in the site, you will definitely not have problems with Indeed. Since it pulls every job posting available from staffing firms, other job search sites to recruiters, jobseekers can just skim through Indeed’s results to find the right job they want. Jobseekers will also love the fact it has an advanced keyword tool that will help you get specific job results. Aside from the keyword tool, users can also adjust the search box by ticking the criteria boxes on the search results. Users also do not have to click to other sites just to apply on the job they want. They will just need to fill up their resume in their profile and let the site forward the application to the recruiting company. Finally, the site does have an app that everyone can use. The app can do everything the website can do, from applying to jobs or just searching for jobs near you. 



However, users have to be careful if they would like to use Indeed as their main job search website. The first major problem with Indeed is the fact it does not have career resources which can improve the jobseeker’s application. There’s not even aids that will help job seekers when they do the resume part of their profile. Another problem, and most likely the largest flaw of Indeed, is the fact its application process is not very direct. Although some job openings will allow users to apply directly from Indeed, a majority of the job openings will require users to be redirected to another site. Some job ads may also disappoint users because it does not fully detail what is needed or how to apply to the job. Finally, there are instances when the job ads are not updated and even job openings posted a month ago are included in the search results.



Score: 3 of 5
Price: Free
Official website: www.ziprecruiter.com

ZipRecruiter is a unique job search website, which helps connect job seekers to companies which offer job openings that match your skills. Established in 2010, the site promises to make it easy for job seekers to find a job. The site says that job seekers only need to input their details and system will connect you to the companies. It has a mobile application which will notify you if there are offers sent your way. 



There are many good features in ZipRecruiter that job seekers will love to use. It has an extensive job search engine that will help job applicants looking for unique jobs. From part time jobs to government jobs, the site can direct you to openings that may catch your eye. Much like other job search websites, ZipRecruiter is very good if you want to apply on the site directly. It has a one-click apply feature, which will send your resume to your chosen employer. It will also give you free job alerts to help you know that there is a new job vacancy for the sector you want to work on. It will also alert you if your application has been received and viewed by your chosen employer. ZipRecruiter will also show you what benefits you can get from the employer if you get hired. 



Since it is still young, ZipRecruiter does have one or two flaws that job seekers should consider before they use the site. The first issue is the fact this site is mostly used by small or medium-sized businesses to find the applicants they need for their company. As a result, the job openings are limited.



Score: 5 of 5
Price: Free with Premium Services Available
Official website: www.monster.com

When it comes to being the largest job search website in the world, Monster is the site that has this title. The site allows users to locate the job opening they need with advanced search results and let users apply directly on the site. It also comes with special premium services to help improve their career and job search. 



There are many reasons why Monster is one of the best job search websites on the net today. It is very functional and filled with a lot of great features to make job seeking easy. Jobseekers have full control on who can view your resume, especially if you are employed but do not want the company you are working for to find out that you are job hunting. Jobseekers can also use different resumes and apply to multiple jobs with just one button. They can also connect their LinkedIn profile to their Monster profile. The website also has a mobile app where jobseekers can also look around and the BeKnown app for Facebook, which helps them create a network of friends in Facebook. Users will also love the fact that it has great resource articles which can help job seekers change their resume, improve their job search and jumpstart their career. 



Since it is considered the largest job search website in the world, spam and double entries are your main issues with the site. As a result, job seekers may find it difficult to find the right job opening they are after. Some of the listings are also out-of-date, which will affect your job search. It is also not possible to search for jobs based on the salary you are looking for. The special MyResumeAgent service is also a concern for some users, who argue that it does not really send resumes on time. It is also very expensive as well, even if it is a lifetime payment. Competition is also very high in Monster, which may disable you from getting the job you want.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a new job, you need to use job search websites that will help you out. They must help you narrow down your job search and make it easy to apply. The websites we listed above will definitely help you narrow down your search and even help you improve your chances in getting the job you want. Don’t be afraid to try out these sites and explore what they offer because it may guide you to the dream job you want. 

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