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Many people are now investing on keeping themselves healthy. Some will sign up for gym membership, while others will go on full lengths to follow a strict diet. But, if you do not want to slave away in the gym to keep your body in shape or starve due to your diet, what can you do to stay in shape?

Running is a good alternative for many who would like to keep in shape without going to the gym. Experts say that running is a good cardio exercise and it can be done almost anywhere. However, if you plan to take on this exercise, you need to prepare yourself for the challenge. You also need to get the best running shoes to help you maximize what running can offer to your body.

Here below is our best running shoes for 2019 review to help you get the best for your needs.

Nike Pegasus 35

Score: 4 of 5
Price: $66.08 - $274.94


For people who like Nike shoes, their Nike Running division has released its newest Pegasus running shoe model: Nike Pegasus 35. The company promises that these running shoes can be used by any level of runner: from novice to expert runners.

The shoes have the following qualities and features:

  • It has a special engineered mesh and full-length inner sleeve for the body.
  • Its midsole uses Nike's full-length Zoom Air bag and EVA foam for better comfort.
  • The outsole is made from thin carbon rubber



When it comes to versatility, the Nike Pegasus 35 will not disappoint. No matter what kind of runner you are, users who have this running shoe say that it will indeed work well. Some say it is best used on tarmac, treadmill or flat trail running. Marathon runners and daily runners also recommend these shoes because of its performance. Many users also love the fact it looks very fresh to look at. The color schemes are very vibrant and the fact it blends well with Nike's signature mesh gives it a durable look.

Other users also comment that the shoe is very comfortable to use. It is not very heavy, supporting its claim as one of Nike's best running shoes. Its design ensures that it is comfortable to wear, especially when it hits the floor. It also runs true to its size, which makes many users very happy when they got a pair.



However, there are a few things that users have to consider when they do buy Nike Pegasus 35. Some users commented that the shoes did not fit their food securely because the upper unit of the shoe is wider than standard. There are also comments about the collar of the shoe, which is not very secure. Runners say that the heel tends to slip off from the shoe's opening when they take out their feet.

Some users also say that the midsole's outer section fades out quickly. They noticed a lot of creases on that part of the shoe, making it look unattractive to look at. There are also comments about the price of this shoe. Some users say that these running shoes are very expensive and they say there are other running shoes out there that are cheaper but has the same features as this shoe.

On Cloud

Score: 4.5 of 5
Price: $86.63 - $199.95

To cap off our list of the best running shoes in the market, we have On Running Cloud shoes. These shoes are designed to perform all day and make users feel they are running on clouds.

The shoes have the following qualities and features:

  • It has the new CloudTec sole which provides a smoother ride and grip for any activity you use it for.
  • It has an unmatched step-in feel to provide comfort for users day in, day out.
  • The shoes also has a V-molded heel to help the shoe adapt to one's foot. This will give the user a snug fit but also offer freedom to the feet.
  • It has an easy-entry speed-lace system to secure the shoes in place with no fuzz at all.



There are many good reviews for the On Running Cloud shoes. Many users say that it is very lightweight, making it a perfect everyday walking or running shoes. It is also very snug but allows the feet to relax inside the shoes. Some users say that their movements were not restrained while these are on. There are even reviews saying that the shoes feel like they are standing and running on clouds.

They also loved the fact that their skin is not irritated when they wear these shoes thanks to its smooth inner sleeve. It is also thanks to this inner sleeve that makes it easier for many users to wear these shoes. There are also users who say that the grooved underfoot platform allows natural movement to be enhanced further and improve gait. It also looks very good and users love it comes with a variety of options.



On the other hand, there are several comments from users which others must consider if they want to get these running shoes. Some users caution that the on cloud shoes do not work well with stones and outdoor debris. They comment that they get lodged between the cushioning 'clouds' and make it uncomfortable to tread on. Some say the lack of cushioning affects its performance for running. It would also feel hard when they strike the ground. There are also users who report that the back portion of the upper body is too stiff. As a result, they developed skin irritation when they wore the shoes.

Some also comment about the size of the shoes. There are users who say that it is runs very big for them. Others also say that they run very small for their sizes.

Brooks Ghost 11

Score: 4.5 of 5
Price: $120

For those looking for running shoes which are not too soft or too firm, Brooks Ghost 11 definitely fits the bill. These shoes have been awarded the Runner's World Editor's Choice Award because of its high quality performance.

The shoes have the following qualities and features:

  • It uses balanced and soft cushioning system called BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT to provide a just-right softness underfoot. This ensures that the shoes do not lose its responsiveness and durability. It also keeps the shoes lighter to use.
  • It has special Segmented Crash Pad system which cushions the feet in every step and help with heel-to-toe transition.
  • It uses Omega Flex Grooves to improve forefoot flexibility
  • The upper body of the shoe is made from Gore-Tex mesh so users can wear it even under the rain. The mesh also allows the shoes to be breathable to keep your feet cool.



There are many good reasons why the Brooks Ghost 11 is an excellent pair of running shoes. First, many users say that it is the perfect walking and running shoes in the market to date. It is very comfortable and flexible, allowing users to run and walk effortlessly with these shoes. Some users also say it is the perfect shoe for heel strikers because of its midsole cushioning system. The system covers the entire foot, reducing the risk of foot pains and muscle stiffness. Some even say that they feel like they are wrapping their foot in a cloud when they wear these shoes. One reviewer also said that it is perfect for runners with knee problems.

It is also a big plus for users that it is very roomy. As a result, one's feet are perfectly cushioned in the shoes and true to its size. It is also very pretty to look at, which is a plus for some users.



But, there are users who say that there are some points that the Brooks Ghost 11 failed to consider. First, some users say that the shoes are very bulky, which defeats the purpose of it being a good daily running shoe. There are also those who said that it is uncomfortable because of this bulkiness and affects its heel-to-toe drop. Some users reported having hip and thigh pains after wearing these shoes for a while.

It is also very difficult to keep the shoes in place because the shoelaces are too short. However, those who commented on this said that the laces can be replaced. There are also users who reported that the mesh upper is not as durable as it claims. They reported that the upper got damaged after a few uses. On the sizes, some commented that it runs a little small for their feet. It can also be tricky to wear during rainy days because it is soles slip easily.

Adidas Adizero Sub 2

Score: 4.5 of 5
Price: $65- $260

If you are looking for race-day shoes that you can wear for the races and marathons, Adidas' Adizero Sub 2 is perfect. These shoes, the company says, is made to be worn by the best.

The shoes have the following qualities and features:

  • It uses Adidas' Boost Light technology to ensure it responds quickly to provide users the right cushioning when it is needed.
  • It is designed for high speed running thanks to its Microfit system. The system also ensures that the foot is firmly in place for these high speed runs.
  • It has an Air mesh body and comfortable textile lining for maximum breathability.
  • It has a special heel cap to provide extra support and stability for each stride.
  • The shoes also have the patented Continental Microweb outsole that ensures that users can use every power in their stride.



Many experienced runners have a lot of praises for these shoes. The first thing they pointed in their reviews is the shoes' lightweight body. This helps them run faster when they are wearing the shoes. Some users also commented on the durability of these shoes. They commented that no matter how long they have used the shoes, it doesn't show any signs of wear in the outsole. It is also breathable, helping the feet cool down during runs.

Users also report that they are very happy that Adidas offer a width option for these shoes. This helps users with large feet get a pair that works well for their needs. There are also those who commented on the flexible nature of the underfoot, which helped them keep their feet snug in the shoes. It also helps add power to the users' strides. There are also no not spots in the shoes, which may affect its performance.



But, there are a few drawbacks if you get the Adizero for professional running. There are users who reported that the underfoot cushioning of these shoes failed to reach their expectations. It did not respond well to their strides, preventing them from reaching the speeds they want. Some also added that it is a shoe for runners with good legs because of the power it can generate. One added that it can be bad for your feet because of the thick fore-foot cushioning it has. The Continental Outsole is also very sticky, which can affect the user's strides as they run.

Size wise, there are those that say it is not true to size. Others say it is very narrow for their feet. There are also comments on the laces used for these shoes, which are very thin. There are also users who said that the price is not really good for these shoes.

Asics Gel Kayano 25

Score: 4 of 5
Price: $74.15 - $296.87

Asics Gel Kayano 25 shoes is the company's way to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It promises to provide users a stable and reliable ride as they run with these pair.

The shoes have the following qualities and features:

  • It uses an Impact Guidance System Technology which enhances the foot's natural gait as the shoe's heel strikes the floor to the toe-off.
  • It is supported by the Guidance Line Midsole Technology which enhances gait efficiency.
  • To reduce the shock felt by the feet, the shoes' Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System ensures movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the cycle.
  • It also uses the Ortholite X-40 Sockliner which has a higher rebound properties while assisting moisture management and breathability.
  • The shoes also use FLYTEFOAM Propel and FLYTEFOAM Lyte technology to deliver complete cushioning and help keep the shoe lighter.



There are many reasons why the Kayano 25 is a good pair of running shoes. Some users report that it remains very comfortable to wear even if you have been wearing it for a long time. There are users who love the roomy toe box in the shoe, which allows their toes to splay naturally. Runners even commented that it is very snug and true to size. Some users even said they could fit in their orthotics comfortably inside the shoe.

It is also very stable to use, even if you are using it for a variety of activities. The support also reduces the stress on the legs and feet, making running and walking a breeze with these shoes. Others also complimented the fact it has a variety of colors. Those with larger feet also report that the shoe comes with wide width options for a better fit.



For others, there are still a couple of problems with the Kayano 25 that others must consider. There are users who say that there is zero arch support or cushion, which caused them to develop ankle and foot pains. It is also uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time because of the lack of support. Some users report that it is very tight for their feet, causing their feet to grow numb when they have these on.

There are also users who report that they developed heel blisters when they used these shoes. There are also those who developed shin splints when they used these shoes. Some users also commented that it is very expensive to buy. They add that the shoes fall apart quite easily, preventing users from enjoying their Asics pair.

The bottom line

Before you go run, it is important that the shoes you use are perfect for the job. With the five we cited above, you can be reassured that you will be able to run comfortably and enjoy everything running has to offer. 

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